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The Botanist, Chester. Review

Nestled down a little ally off the famous streets of Chester is a wonderfully quirky and contemporary restaurant and bar that hit the UK scene by storm. The Botanist, sister to The Alchemist, was always going to appeal to my heart with it’s reflective connotations of Harry Potter crossed with the Secret Garden. Myself and Sam were fortunate enough to visit the Chester branch during our recent stay in the city and will most definitely be returning very soon. 

I’ve previously visited the branch on Boar Lane, Leeds and I confirm they achieve such a simalar ambiance. Both nestled away from the crowds, you’d be lucky to spot it without knownly seeking, this for me makes them that little bit more special than the average bar.   Food & Drink

We started our evening off right and I sampled some of the unusual cocktails on the menu whilst Sam enjoyed a beer related bevvy. Having spent the day wandering around Chester Zoo we found ourselves not overly hungry come dinner, so we skipped the starter and jumped head first into the mains. I ordered a chicken burger, which came with all the standard garnishes and a big portion of chips! Presented beautifully in a basket labelled ‘basil’, which I’ve since purchased for myself. Sam enjoyed a hearty Gammon, Egg & Pineapple, a classic, but enjoyed all the same. 

The Botanist is simply refreshing and offers an alternative to the conventional bars that we frequent. Perfect if your looking for a hideaway with your loved one, or an alternative bar for moorish cocktail with the girls. 


How hard can it be?

I’ve swapped from blogger to wordpress. Easier? No. I cant work this thing, editing a theme, changing the font, photo sizes, dimentions.. everything appears to be impossible. 3 hours later and I am admitting defeat. A cup of tea is needed.

I am officially technically illiterate.

Help required.

all Hallows Eve.

Rebekah Esme Photography.

OH MY GOD, I’m going to die!..

Ok, so my heading’s a little over dramatic. I suppose it wasnt that bad. On Monday the 31st of October, otherwise know as Halloween, we went to the Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park. I must admit, it was pretty fantastic.
A year long operation to get the park up and running sincerly paid out for Fearmasters Entertainment. On the evening of Halloween the park was buzzing.
Being typically female, I scare easily and so when we pulled up into my park the boyf thought it was a good idea to pip his horn and attract the attention of a vile looking ghoul (pictured below) who proceeded to run towards the car and push his head through the open window breating deeply into my face. The fear had started.
We entered the grounds and I felt it a good idea to briskly walk (run for my life) to the first section of the attraction, being that of Jack’s fun house. I can honestly say fun it was not! .. I practically died in there, following in a line we were told to keep moving through the fun house where live actors hammered on the walls screaming and reaching out for bypassers, the strobe lighting made it impossible to see what lie ahead only adding to the element of fear.
On leaving the funhouse we moved on, making our way down the dark muddy track towards attraction number two. Some how, by this point, I’d managed to lul myself into a false sense of security. Oh how wrong was I when a guy with a real chainsaw jumped out of the bushes at us. I can honestly say this attraction is not for the faint hearted.
Moving forwards we entered Wicker Woods were we came across abandoned tents, chairs and the odd body hanging from the trees. Actors and Actresses continued to jump out on us providing the element of suprise and fear continuously through the attraction. The Mineshaft and Haunted Church were again, areas of which live actors attempted to put the fear of god into their victims, but by this point, I had become slightly braver than I was upon my arrival. However, it goes without saying, I was more than glad to get out of there!
Yorkshire Scareground Scream Park was fantastic. A highly recommended event for anyone wishing to truely have the fear of god put into them at halloween. The way the event was exicuted, the park was put together, and the quality of the Actors was simply perfect and I would like to thank the team for a fantastically scary evening.
Happy Halloween.

November 2nd Music Choice.

This week I’m actually loving these three songs.
5’oclock: Lily Allen ft T Pain
Nicole Scherzinger: Try with me.
Jessie J: Who are you.

My Blackberry’s not working.

Well someone needed to make light of the Blackberry situation. 3 days with no phone! I actually felt like I’d lost an arm! Lets hope RIM never crashes again, otherwise I’m moving to an IPhone. #justsaying.
I love little Ronnie.

October Fourteenth.

Whats Thicker? Blood or Water..

Last night, the UK saw the return of the 3rd season of The Vampire Diaries. I have to admit,
although I’m not one of those ‘Twi-hard’ vampire lovers, I do get a little over excited at the sight of Damon ripping apart some innocent bystanders neck, hence why I’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of the series for a number of weeks!

To begin with, I was a little bored, the whole Elaina crying and grieving constantly bores me. I get that she’s upset, and with good reason, but I can’t pretend I enjoy watching her maunge about over the whole experience. However the phone call during the closing scene practically had me in tears. ‘I love you Stephan, just hold on to that’ was so cute.
I am however in love with the whole Caroline/ Tyler Lockwood story line. You can just see the tensions intensifying between the pair and Caroline’s moody little stunts are always beyond amusing to watch (‘Excuse me’ *man flies out of her way* being one of my personal favourites from last night). The fact that when they finally got together Tyler’s mum, Mrs Lockwood, shoots Caroline repeatedly with wooden bullets was something I didn’t foresee and has made me so excited for next week’s episode!
Being a little Vampire Diaries geek as I am, I got the camera out and decided to shoot some Vampire-esk shots of my own. I keep my hope that Damon will come round for a drink one day soon..

Until then..

October 11th. 3 Songs of the Week.

My heads a funny little space, in all honesty it’s usually full of ‘oh that would make a good photo’, ‘3 weeks ’til Gossip Girl’s back on TV’ and ‘I need to nip into Marks to see what I can get for tea tonight’ .. not much more goes on up there. However I do spend my days singing alot to songs I cant shift from my brain and todays favourites are as follows:

Labrinth ft Tinie Tempah – Earthquake

Coldplay – Paradise

LMFAO – Sexy and I know it.

Geez.. Sexy and I know it, it’s only Tuesday! .. I have an entire week to wait until the weekend.

Shutter Speeds and Sparkley Lights

The majority of my shutter speeds were set between 2.5 and 5 (5 being the second photo down)